What is LLM?

Large language models, such as GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), are a type of natural language processing (NLP) technology based on deep learning that can understand and generate human-like text. These models learn the complex patterns and structures of language by undergoing pre-training on large-scale text datasets, enabling them to exhibit human-like understanding and generation capabilities across a variety of tasks. The pre-training phase allows the model to acquire a broad range of language knowledge, including grammar, semantics, factual knowledge, and expertise in different domains. 

What does our studio do?

At ziyu398 Studio, we focus on unlocking and deepening the potential of Large Language Models (LLM), offering a range of advanced services designed to help businesses and organizations achieve their business objectives and innovation visions through customized LLM solutions. As a technology provider, we collaborate with clients, leveraging our profound expertise and technical strength to offer comprehensive services from LLM model training and fine-tuning to adding worldviews and role presets to models.

Service Overview

LLM Model Training and Fine-tuning: Utilizing cutting-edge technology and algorithms, we perform customized LLM training and fine-tuning based on specific client needs, ensuring the model can efficiently and accurately complete specific tasks or achieve business objectives. (We use the most mainstream framework LLaMA2, capable of training a variety of language models.)

Adding Worldviews to LLMs (Handling Unstructured Data): We understand that every business and organization has its unique values and cultural background. By adding worldviews to LLM models, we ensure that the model's outputs align more closely with the client's brand image and industry characteristics.

Role Presets: We set role presets for LLM models to enhance the consistency and personality of the model in text generation, ensuring that whether it's a virtual assistant in customer service or a specific character in content creation, they can express and communicate in a way that meets client expectations.

Cross-domain Application Development: Our professional team possesses interdisciplinary knowledge and experience, capable of exploring and implementing LLM applications across various industries (including but not limited to education, entertainment, technology, marketing, etc.), opening up new business opportunities and growth points.

Complete LLM Rental/Purchase: Currently, ziyu398 Studio has two commercial-grade large language models with parameters of 300 million and 8 million, respectively. Ziyugpt is our flagship commercial LLM model, continuously trained using A100, with parameters now reaching 300 million. Our mascot Beta-chan is trained and cultivated with a worldview based on ziyugpt. Hanyugpt is our consumer-grade LLM model, trained with a 3070ti over 5 months (after repeated optimizations and debugging, which is why it took 5 months, and can be deployed locally). Our second mascot (not yet released) will also be powered by hanyugpt.

By partnering with ziyu398 Studio, clients can leverage cutting-edge LLM technology to drive business innovation and transformation, improving operational efficiency and user experience. Our customized services extend beyond technical implementation to include strategic planning and continuous optimization, ensuring the LLM solution evolves with the client's business development, continuously delivering value.

If your organization is looking for a professional LLM technology service provider and aims to drive business innovation with customized language models, ziyu398 Studio looks forward to collaborating with you. Let's explore the potential of LLM technology together, bringing revolutionary changes and growth to your business.

ZiyuGPT: Flagship Commercial LLM Model

HanyuGPT: Consumer-grade LLM Model

Zhi-chan: DIY Query Expert

Choose Ziyu398 Studio's LLM models to make your work and life easier and more efficient. Whether you need enterprise-level solutions, personalized services, or DIY project support, we can provide the best technical support and solutions for you.

LLM resource project address:

LLaMA official websitehttps://llama.meta.com/

LLM overviewhttps://toloka.ai/blog/how-llms-are-trained/


ziyugpt and hanyugpt experience: Please apply for qualifications through Contact Us