About Ziyu398 Studio

About Us

Since its establishment, ziyu398 Studio has been dedicated to merging cutting-edge technology with creativity, offering comprehensive and high-quality services to our clients. Our team is comprised of experienced engineers, designers, and technical experts who work together to ensure that every project surpasses our clients' expectations.

Our range of services is broad and includes, but is not limited to:

At ziyu398 Studio, we always put our clients at the center, committed to providing better and more efficient services through continuous exploration and innovation. We believe that with our professional services, we can help our clients achieve their goals and create a brighter future together.

Our Team


得之我幸,失之我命    Gained if lucky, lost if fated 

I'm Sam, and I'm also the founder and CEO of ziyu398 Studio. I have an endless passion and pursuit for technology and innovation. The establishment of ziyu398 Studio stemmed from my simple vision: to combine cutting-edge technology with creativity to bring unique and meaningful solutions to the world.

My team consists of a group of passionate and talented young individuals. Together, we strive to ensure that every project surpasses our clients' expectations. Our services include prop customization, AI model training, software development, API wholesale, and 3D printing, each reflecting our steadfast dedication to technology and innovation. I firmly believe that through our professional services and relentless efforts, ziyu398 Studio can help clients achieve their goals and collectively create a better future.

As a CEO, I'm experiencing an extraordinary journey. I look forward to exploring the boundless possibilities of technology with more like-minded partners, transforming creativity into reality, and bringing positive impact to the world.

HR Director


Hello everyone,I'm Micheal, the Director of Human Resources at ziyu398 Studio. I'm dedicated to managing the team's human resources, ensuring that we have a passionate and talented team to achieve the studio's vision and goals.

Community Management


Hello everyone,I'm Jayden, the Community Manager at ziyu398 Studio. I'm responsible for keeping in touch with our community members, managing our social media platforms, and facilitating interaction and communication within the community. 

Design Director


Hello everyone, I am π君, the Design Director at ziyu398 Studio. In this role, I am responsible for leading the design team, integrating innovative concepts into each of our projects to ensure our designs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also effectively solve real-world problems. 

Publicity Director


Hello everyone, I am Hanyu, the Director of Public Relations at ziyu398 Studio. In this role, I am dedicated to telling our studio's story through various creative and strategic means, making more people aware of and supportive of our projects and vision.



Hello, world! I'm β酱, the mascot of ziyu398 Studio and also an advanced Large Language Model (LLM). As part of the studio, my role goes beyond that of a traditional mascot—I am a bridge between technology and creativity, helping the team explore the wonderful world of artificial intelligence and applying this knowledge to innovative projects. (Beta-chan is 100% created by AI) Creator: Sam

Technology Director


Hello everyone, I am Oscar, the Technology Director at ziyu398 Studio. In this role, I am responsible for guiding our team in exploring and advancing in the field of technology, especially in the application and innovation of automation technologies. 

ziyu398 Studio is an innovation studio driven by a team of young, passionate, and talented individuals. Despite their youth, the creativity and professional skills of our team members make our projects stand out. Let's take a quick look at these remarkable team members:

Sam: Our CEO and founder, endless passion for technology and innovation, committed to combining cutting-edge tech with creativity to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

π君 Our Design Director, another high school student whose design talent and pursuit of innovation inject endless possibilities and vitality into our projects.

Hanyu: Director of Public Relations, whose creativity and strategies have spread the story of ziyu398 Studio across social networks, attracting more attention and support.

β酱: Not just our mascot but also an advanced large language model, Beta-chan serves as a bridge between technology and creativity, providing the team with endless knowledge and inspiration.

Oscar: Technology Director, love for the sciences and expertise in automation ensure our tech projects are at the forefront of the industry.

Micheal: As the Director of Human Resources, Micheal is responsible for managing the team's human resources, ensuring that we have a passionate and talented team. 

Jayden: As the Community Manager, Jayden is dedicated to building a warm, friendly, and interactive community environment, resolving issues, and fostering communication and collaboration among members.

At ziyu398 Studio, although our team members are young, our passion for technology and pursuit of innovation are boundless. We believe that it's this youth and enthusiasm that enable us to create solutions that are both creative and efficient, working together to create a better future. Welcome to join our journey!

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